Allison (Mother's Day)
Addie (Easter)
Jeanne - Spring Showers
2019 Santa Ornament
2019 Angel Bell Ornament
2019 Dated Ornament
Chris - 25th in Santa Series
Jennifer - 2019 Dated Figurine
Inga - 23rd in Laplander Series
Ethel - Snowbear
Betty Snowman
Christina - 9th in White Christmas Series
Peter - 11th in Elf Series
Stella - Snow Angel
Tommy - Halloween Figurine
Diana - Halloween Witch
Sarah - Thanksgiving
Priscilla & John - Thanksgiving Couple
Drummer Boy - Nativity
Mary and Jesus - Nativity
Joseph - Nativity
Christmas Glitter Snowglobe - Set of 2
Christmas Night Light
William - 2018 Annual Santa
Charlotte - Snow Bear
Ryan - 2018 Dated Figurine
Leighton - Simple Gifts Make All the Difference
Laury - Love Warms the Coldest Winters
Flowers for Mom - Because of Mom, We Bloom and Grow
Trey - Together We Make A Splash
Vickie - You Have My Heart On A String
Laraine - Come With Me, There's Spring To See!
Jinny - Spring Is On Its Way
Evaline - Sing A Sunny Song
Angelique - Friendship Is A Bridge to Happiness
Geordie - Red Coat, Warm Heart
Van - Tulips Are A Pleasure, Good Friends Are A Treasure
Kilynn - Feeling Safe in Your Love and Friendship
Analise - A Skate with You is a Dream Come True
Ryan & Eric - You Make Every Winter a Wonderland
Tradition is in All the Trimmings Ornament
It's a Homemade Kind of Holiday Ornament
A Lucky Few Have a Mom Like You (2015 Mother's Day Figurine)
Marilyn and Gary - Hand in Hand, Through the Sand
Meryl - Every Mile is a Memory
Carolina - Love Gives Us High Hopes
Erma - There's Always Thyme for Gardening
CJ - Friends at First Sight
Willow - You're As Lovely As the Morning Dew
Gary, Eleanor, Sheila & Susanna - Everything I Share, Except My Teddy Bears
Eliza - Autumn is in the Air
Lyndell and Kinsley - Join Our Holly, Jolly Jamboree
Ona - No Clowning, You're the Sweetest
Connie & Annie - Goodies for Good Little Ghouls
Debbi - Joyful are Christmas Gifts and Holiday Wishes 2014 Dated Figurine
Jeffrey & John - Santa's Workshop Rocks!
Anna Marie & Carl -Open Your Heart to Winter's Wonders
Cassy & Kit - Friends are Like Snowflakes, No Two Are Alike
Delight in Splendor of the Season Ornament
Treasured Toyland Ornament
Liz & Marco - Snow Days Are the Best Days
Jody - Marching Toward a Merry Christmas
All for the Little Ones, Christmas Joys
Arlis - Our Friendship Will Never Melt
Roberta - Rejoice In the Way the Season Shines
Carisa - Good Night, Sleep Tight
Shelia and John - Time With You Is Comfy Cozy
Mom Deserves All Things Lovely (2014 Mother's Day Figurine)
Abigail & Amelia - You Make Every Day Sweet and Cheerful
Christina - Each Day Offers Beautiful Blessings
Chelsea - Joy is Wildflowers and Summer Breezes
Fern - Have a Fairy Magical Day (Fairy Bears)
Gale - A Flurry of Friends Make Seasons Bright (Exclusive Event Figurine!)
Elspeth - Autumn Days Bring a Harvest of Blessings
2013 Club Kit - Lazy Day at the Pond
Lasting Love Is The Greatest Gift
Worth the Wait
Elvira - Magic By Moonlight
Pris - Sending All My Joy To You (2012 Dated Figurine)
Wishing You A Heavenly Holiday (2012 Dated Bell)
May All Your Snowy Dreams Come True (2012 Dated Ornament)
Star Bright, A Christmas Wish I Make Tonight (Angel Ornament)
Conrad - Wrap Yourself In The Season
Daniela - Slide Into A Season of Surprises
Let The Season Ring With Joy (Dated 2011 Angel Bell Ornament)
Marshall - Sliding Into A Season Of Fun
May Peaceful Blessings Be Yours (Angelic Peace Ornament)
There's No Greater Love Than Mom's (2011 Mother's Day Figurine)
Chase - Let the Fun Begin
Delvin - Easy Rider
Happy Birthday Two You
Happy Fourth Birthneighh!
Easter Surprise (Box)
Christine, Brian & Alex
Let Us All Rejoice (2009 Dated Bell Ornament)
Joy, Noel & Peace (Ornaments)
Clyde (2009 Membear's Only Figurine)
Bill & Linda (2009 Membear's Only Figurine)