Lightning McQueen
Doc Hudson
Congratulations, You Smartypants, You!
You're My Favorite Deputy
You Put A Spring In My Step
You're My Little Princess
I'll Never Tire of You
The Very Things That Hold Down Are Going to Lift You Up
Let Your Sparkle Shine Lighted Musical Waterball
You Are My Fairy Tale Come True
Dream Big
You're Always There to Pick Me Up
My Thoughts Are Filled with You (Mickey)
You Make Me Laugh
You Hold the Key to My Heart
Be Happy
Tutu Cute
Tutu Cute Rotating Musical
Eye Love You
'When You Hold My Hand I Feel So Grand' Musical
Congrats! You Did It (boy)
You're A Star
Girl as Belle Bell
You're a Hoola-ta Fun
Lean on Me
Your Beauty Shines From the Heart
Fulfill Your Dreams (Disney Birthday Parade)
A Reason to Smile (Disney Birthday Parade)
Bell with Fairy as Tinker Bell (Disney)
Delight In The Little Joys of Life (Disney)
Feel The Love Simba and Nala Musical
Surprise, I Love You!
Our Love Makes A Lasting Impression
Friends Through Thick and Thin
Live Your Dream Musical
I'm In Heaven To Be Seven!
Eight Is Great!
Nine Is Divine! (Disney Birthday Train)
You Have Touched So Many Hearts (Disney)
Will You Be Mine (Disney)
Just For You (Minnie)
Just for You (Mickey)
World's Best Mom! (Just for You Post)
World's Greatest Dad (Just for You Post)
BFF (Just For You Post)
Thank You (Just for You Post)
Happy Birthday (Just for You Post)
You're The Best (Just for You Post)
Congrats! (Just for You Post)
Hail To The Princess
May Your Birthday Be The Fairest of Them All
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo - Now You're Two!
Now You're Three, A Beauty You'll Always and Forever Be
Make A Splash On Your Birthday
A Beauty To Behold At Five years Old
Have A Fairy Happy Birthday (Age 6)