Love to the Rescue
I Love You to Pieces (girl)
I Love You To Pieces (boy)
Would You Be My Pardner
My Thoughts Are Filled with You (Mickey)
Your Love Is Always Near
You Make My Heart Race (Girl)
I Can't Stop Lovin' You (girl)
Will You Be Mine?
I Will Always Love You (Cat)
You Hold The Key To My Heart
Love Stinks
Love You...Above All! (Girl)
Sprinkled With Love For You
Light On Your Feet and Oh So Sweet
You Crafted A Place In My Heart Set
Sending All My Love To You
I Found My Love In You
I Always Knew You'd Turn'ip
Love Is A Warm Heart On a Cold Day
I Love You This Much (Boy)
I Love You Forever And Always
I Love You More Every Day
Happy Birthday To Our Love