Seraphim Angels

    For more than three decades, Roman, Inc., has been a recognized leader in inspirational gifts and collectibles. Centering its focus on this market made Roman a company ahead of its time. Founder and CEO Ron Jedlinski made his company renowned for its range of angels-the most angels this side of Heaven. So then the national trend moved to renew the focus of art, literature and entertainment on angels in a wide scope of roles and interpretations, Roman was already positioned as the industry source for the most majestic of winged heralds.

    It was in the early 1990's that Jedlinski moved to form Seraphim Studios, a creative umbrella of world-famous artists and sculptors. Their singular assignment was to research and develop a collection of beautiful angels that would be modern interpretations of the world's most beautiful angels. Seraphim Studios took advantage of more than 2000 years of writings and works of art to achieve their objective. The result was introduced to the world in 1994: The Seraphim Classics® Collection.

    Based on the greatest artistic achievements of the Renaissance Masters, the Collection immediately won the enthusiastic acceptance of both retailers and consumers. Within a single year, it was apparent that the Collection was destined to be a collectible.